How to make a massive profit from play to earn gaming in 2022

There are several opportunities on the internet where you can make good money. Playing to earn games doesn’t limit how much you can make, and it all depends on your readiness and the information you have. This article will explain how to earn from the play to earn gaming.  

The internet is filled with a series of play to earn gaming, even though not all the games platforms reward the player as they said. But there are still some platforms where the player earns massively.  

There is more to just playing video games for fun and entertainment. Some are making cool cash from playing video games

This article will unravel one of the play to earn gaming and how to go about it. Sit back and enjoy the flow.

How to make a massive profit from play to earn games in 2022

One of the most and ever reigning play to earn gaming is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity, the capacity to make any player rich through technology, is being put in place. We’ll be discussing what Axie Infinity is, how players can earn money from it and what and what I need to join the community of gamers and earners. 

What does Axie Infinity represent?

Axie Infinity is the best play to earn game in video games history. Axie Infinity gained its popularity during Covid19 in the Philippines, and ever since then, the game has remained on top. These play to earn games have become a source of income for many people because of their payment method and the several opportunities enshrined in the game.

In some countries, the Axie Infinity game is what some fathers and mothers are doing to assist families and to put food on the table. In Axie Infinity, a daily reward is also available once the player completes his task.

This play to earn gaming has a Blockchain mechanism that allows players to buy NFTs and use them as a weapon against other opponents to win more rewards. The more you fight to win, the more you earn in Axie Infinity. 

This play to earn game also creates an opportunity for the player to breed Axies to have a solid and reliable team of monsters to generate more NFTs and, in the end, to sell at the marketplace designed by the developer.

Also, this game gives room for players to earn SLP Tokens in the gameplay, and the player can trade with them to earn real money.

How to make a massive profit from play to earn games in 2022

In addition, Axie Infinity is built on Ethereum Blockchain, aided by the Ronin wallet.

In these play to earn gaming, there are monsters called AXIES that players would purchase to participate In the battle. There are several ways the player can make huge money in this Axie Infinity play to earn from the game. 

In Axie Infinity, players who own Axies can also loan them to any players to use in battle to earn, based on the agreement. The parties will divide the profit based on the contract, be it 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30, because the owner of the Axies loaned will take more.

There are two native coins or tokens used in Axie Infinity play to earn games.

Let me briefly talk about the tokens and their usefulness.

  1. SLP Token

The developer designs the small Love Potion token as the reward is given to the player for winning battles in the Axie Infinity game. There is two important use of this Token. The player can use this Token for breeding more monsters, and also it can be sold in the designated Axie Infinity Marketplace or auctioned.

Secondly, SLP can be traded for other tokens on the Katana exchange platform. The ecosystem of Axie Infinity allows the player to trade game assets and cryptocurrency.

  1. AXS Token

This Token is a utility token in Axie Infinity. Any player holding this Token has governance rights, and this allows them to vote and take part in making decisions astonishing the development and future of the game. The supply of AXS is unlimited.

 Also, this Token is given to the well-performing player as a reward for the 19 seasons in the game.

How to make a massive profit from play to earn games in 2022

Steps to start playing Axie Infinity Play to Earn Game

This article will guide and explain how to start earning from Axie Infinity play to earn the game. Just sit back and pay rapt attention as I will explain every step.

Firstly, before earning from the Axie Infinity game, you will need to purchase 3 Axies, and these axies can be later resold to make more money. Playing Axie Infinity is an investment that has a very high return. Though the price of one Axie costs $225-$250, in recent times, the price of the cheapest Axie Infinity is gone to $28.

Step 1. 

Creating an account and setting up a Ronin Wallet is the first step. This process is quickly done once you have completed your Ronin wallet. After the account has been set up, you need to download the game on your maybe Mac, Windows, IOS, or Android.

Step 2.

The next step is to purchase your first Axies to set up your team for battle. at Axie Infinity Marketplace is where players can buy the Axies 

It is also crucial to know and understand the characteristics and features of the Axies you are buying because this will help to know they will be coordinated. 

All the Axies have the total stats of 165 points. 

  • The stats are 
  • HP.(Health Points)
  • Speed
  • Skill
  • Morale. 

The Axies consist of six body parts: ears, mouth, tail, eyes, back, and head. All this information will help you know the strength and weaknesses of your Axies and enable you to understand how to use them in fighting your opponent. All this information will help you navigate your path well in this play to earn game.


It doesn’t matter if you are joining the community of earners. What matters most is your readiness and application of information. You can make a huge profit this 2022 from play to earn gaming if you join Axie Infinity. Making money in play to earn games is so easy if you can follow the guides. Axie Infinity is the best play to earn game in the world of games you can join.